Stereologer system including a computer and microscope

Turnkey Stereologer® System

A Complete or “Turnkey” Stereologer system includes all hardware and software for stereological analysis of stained tissue sections and stored images from brightfield, fluorescence, confocal, and electron microscopy, including large virtual slice images.

This Stereologer system includes the following components in a single quote (well within the budget of most single investigators):

Hardware Components for a Turnkey Stereologer® System include:

For more information on compatible hardware with our Stereologer® system, contact SRC Biosciences

Stereologer software for user-friendly, comprehensive, and efficient analysis of biological structures using state-of-the-art unbiased methods.

Stereologer system with labels overlayed

Features and functionality developed specifically for the Stereologer software:

For more information on Stereologer software and our upcoming upgrades for manual and automatic approaches in development, contact SRC Biosciences.

diagram of objects viewed using Stereological estimation

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