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Stereology "Free-For-All" Webinar

This no cost webinar provides a succinct (2-hr), interactive overview of basic stereology with specific emphasis on the most popular applications to neural tissues.

Learning Objectives

Video excerpt from the webinar

Below is an example of computerized stereology for quantifying total cell number (left) and total fiber length (right).


The monthly webinar will be presented by stereologist Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D., Director and Chief Scientific Officer of SRC Biosciences, a company dedicated to the development and dissemination of accurate, precise, and efficient methods for stereology analysis of biological tissues. Currently, he is leading an NSF and NIH funded effort to develop the first deep learning-based analysis of stained cells on tissue sections using unbiased methods (automatic stereology).
Team member Peter R Mouton
stereology image analysis

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The monthly Stereology Webinar comprises two learning modules and a practical application module.

Learning Module Part 1

Learning Module Part 2

Practical Application Module

Demonstrations and insight into computerized stereology of neural tissue, based on training in parts one and two.