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What hardware do I need for computer-assisted stereology?


Stereologer® is fully compatible with all popular microscope brands, including Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss.

Second, client microscopes require a range of objective lenses and motorized stage (XY) with focus (Z) motor. Many modern microscopes include built-in XYZ motors. 

If not, microscopes – old and new – can be easily retrofitted with external motorized XYZ stage control with highly precise engineering for specific microscopes. Key vendors for motorized stages include Applied Scientific Instrumentation (Eugene OR), Ludl (Hawthorne NY) and Prior Scientific (Rockland MA).


Our first goal is to provide integration with existing client cameras whenever possible.

When clients need a new camera, SRC Biosciences can recommend camera systems best suited to the imaging and budgetary needs of the client. 

Our growing suite of supported devices include digital color and monochrome cameras from major microscope vendors e.g., Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, as well as third party cameras that follow industry standards such as DCAM and USB3.

Stereologer Hardware


Stereologer runs on PC computers supporting a Windows 10 Operating System and plug-in support to a camera (FireWire, USB, etc.) and a motorized stage (COM, USB, etc.). For this reason, a traditional workstation “tower” configuration is strongly recommended to support use of PCIe boards.

Clients who plan to utilize automatic cell counting via FAST (Fully Automatic Stereology Technology) will achieve faster data collection with above average CPU speed (Intel Core i7 processor or higher) and increased memory (16GB or higher). Because FAST processes large numbers of stored images, HD storage should begin at 500GB with Solid State Drives (SSD).

Note that Stereologer can operate standalone without “cloud” connectivity requirements. Internet access is required for software installation, troubleshooting, and support services for the stereology system.

For more information on the complete (Turnkey) Stereologer system, click here.