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Stereology Contract Research Organization (Stereology CRO™)

Our Stereology Contract Research Organization (Stereology CRO) provides the most established option (since 1995) for stereology analysis with optional tissue processing for the global bioscience community.

Accurate, Affordable, Efficient. We balance the constraints of cost, schedule, and speed to meet the needs of our clients. To meet the needs of peer reviewers, our work exceeds the industry standards for unbiased practices.

Quality Control/ Quality Assurance. Our Stereology CRO projects follow a strict program to ensure maximum reproducibility for all outsourced stereology projects, including GLP and non-GLP projects with clients in the U.S. and abroad. All data is collected by well-trained technicians under the direct supervision of our Chief Scientific Officer (Dr. Peter R. Mouton).

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stereology image highlighting area
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