The Mission of
SRC Biosciences

To provide the most innovative, dependable and user-friendly stereology to the global bioscience community.

src lab

Based in Tampa, Florida

Our main offices and laboratories at 1810 W. Kennedy Blvd are in the vibrant Hyde Park neighborhood just west of downtown Tampa. This iconic building, the first LEED Gold Certified structure in Tampa, is adjacent to the University of Tampa and a few minutes from the Tampa International Airport.  The building features repurposed heart-pine floors, floor to ceiling double-pane glass facades, state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and a solar-powered charging station for electric vehicles.

Meet our Founder

Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D., is a Johns Hopkins-trained neuroscientist and an expert in the applications of unbiased stereology to biological tissues (for detailed biosketch). After completing a post-doctoral fellowship in Denmark with Professor Hans J.G. Gundersen, Dr. Mouton returned to the U.S. to help launch the Unbiased Stereology movement with Stereology Workshops, the Stereologer system, Stereology Outsourcing, Stereology textbooks and Stereology-related peer-reviewed scientific studies.

SRC Biosciences (Stereology Resource Center, Inc.)
Dr. Mouton is the founding CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of the SRC Biosciences (Stereology Resource Center, Inc.), a Maryland-based corporation dedicated to the development and dissemination of reliable methods for the quantitative analysis of biological tissues. Currently, he is leading efforts funded by the NSF and NIH to develop deep learning (artificial intelligence) based software for accurate, precise and efficient stereology of stained cells on tissue sections.

Peter Mouton brain research discoveries magazine front cover

Our Vision

To ensure accurate, efficient and affordable stereology is available to every bioscientist on the planet.

Meet Our Management Team

Team member Sammie L Elkins

Sammie L. Elkins

Director of Operations & CFO
Team member Peter R Mouton

Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer
Team member Scott E McElhiney

Scott E. McElhiney

Director of Sales & Support
Team member Joel

Joel Durgavich, Ph.D.

Chief Programmer
Team member Amanda

Amanda N. Hiatt

Senior Consultant for Client Services
Krystal Sanchez

Krystal Sanchez

Core Facility Manager