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An image is worth a thousand words,

and unbiased stereology is worth a thousand images.

Who is SRC Biosciences?

SRC Biosciences (Stereology Resource Center, Inc.) is a well-established (25+ years) science and technology company that develops, commercializes and supports stereology systems (Stereologer®).

We also provide expert outsourcing for stereology analysis and professional tissue processing through our contract research organization (Stereology CRO™).

Our customers include the worldwide community of biomedical scientists in academic centers, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

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For more than 20 years, SRC has led the industry with innovative products and services.

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You want a company with deep experience in the do’s and don’ts of unbiased stereology. We have over two decades of experience as the leaders in the field of computerized stereology and its applications to biological tissue.